Volunteer Driver Training


Includes topics on defensive driving, accident procedures, incident management, vulnerable adult abuse awareness, first aid basics, and vehicle security.





This comprehensive course goes over the basics that volunteer drivers need to understand before starting work as a company driver.

Topics include the following:

  • “Know Yourself” – Understand how you might behave on the road
  • “Know Your Vehicle” before you put it in service
  • “Know Your Equipment”
  • “Know Where You’re Going” so you can transport your passengers on time
  • “Basic Driving 101”
  • “Driving Conditions”
  • “Accident Procedures”
  • “Defensive Driving”
  • “Your Passenger”
  • “Vulnerable Adults”
  • “Sensitivity Training”
  • “Incident Management”
  • “Assisting Passengers”
  • “Standard First Aid”
  • “Basic Life Support”
  • “Diseases”
  • “First Aid Basics”
  • “After Your Trip”
  • “Vehicle Return”
  • “Driver Well Being”
  • “Security”
  • “Conclusion”