Hands-on training that requires Vehicle Operators to master wheelchair securement and passenger transportation from start to finish! The ‘Passenger Assistance B – Classroom’ course is in accordance with Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) Statute 8840.5910, Subpart 5 and covers the following topics:

  • demonstration, and practice by students in methods of the following under line item E:
    • handling wheelchairs, including moving wheelchairs up and down steps, curbs, ramps, and lifts;
    • folding and unfolding manual wheelchairs;
    • handling wheelchairs on uneven, wet, or icy surfaces
  • demonstration of moving, lifting, and transferring passengers, including assisted and unassisted transfers, two-handed transfers, and standing transfers – line item F;
  • demonstration of placing the assistive devices, operating the lifts, ramps, and wheelchair securement devices, and using them properly if the vehicle to be operated is equipped with them – line item H;
  • demonstration of the assistance to be offered to ambulatory passengers, including assistance for standing, sitting, and going up and down steps and curbs – line item I


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  • If events are available, select an available date to register for your refresher training. You will attend this training in person. Please note the date, time and location listed.
  • If no events are available, you’ll need to return to this page on a regular basis to check when the next event is available so that you can meet your passenger assistance training requirements.

When signing up for an event, you will pay a fee. Please make note of the location of the event, and be sure to print your receipt once you purchased your ticket.

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