The Federal Transit Authority (FTA) requires safety-sensitive employees to be tested for drugs and alcohol after an accident happens under certain conditions within 49 CFR Part 655. These procedures are necessary to prevent the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace. This comprehensive training course goes over the following topics:

  • The purpose and applicability of Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures (§§ 655.51 – 655.54-655.60)
  • Terms used when defining the provisions of post accident testing procedures (49 CFR Part 40)
  • Differences among testing when there’s a fatality, when there’s no fatality, and when the safety-sensitive employee is not at fault (§655.44)
  • What happens when a safety-sensitive employee refuses to submit a drug or alcohol test (§655.49)
  • Interactive scenarios on filling out Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Test Determination Forms


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