Employees are reviewed for their performance on a regular basis. To make this easier, we require you to fill out a Self-Appraisal form to evaluate your own performance, including your accomplishments, areas of improvement, obstacles, and activities/training that will help you improve your performance.

Please note that this form gives you the opportunity to refuse to fill out this form if you wish to do so. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions outlined in the Consent and Notice statements that’s in this “lesson.”

Caution – Do not use Google Chrome or Apple Safari

This course will not let you receive credit for each lesson you completed if you are using the Google Chrome or Apple Safari web browser to take this training. Please switch to a different web browser like Microsoft Edge for the time being, in order to receive credit for each lesson and topic you complete.

  • Microsoft Edge (or Internet Explorer)
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox

If you are still having problems getting credit, contact us here.


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