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Course Description

This course concentrates on safety and training vehicle operators on defensive driving characteristics. Trains operators with the rules of the road and how to anticipate any dangerous situation despite the errors of others in adverse conditions.

Some Key Topics Include the Following:

  • Vehicle Familiarization
  • The Importance of Vehicle Security
  • Pre-Trip, In-Service and Post-Trip Inspection Procedures
  • Basic Vehicle Control
  • Safe Lane Positioning
  • Backing Up and Exiting
  • Speed, Following Distance and Stopping Distance
  • Accident Procedures and Avoidance Types
  • Summer, Winter and Night Driving
  • Adverse Conditions, and Hydroplaning
  • Cell Phone Usage
  • Road Rage, Pedestrians and Jaywalkers
  • Seatbelt Safety and Usage
  • Effects of Impaired Driving
  • Wheelchair Loading and Tie-Down Procedures
  • The Warning Signs of Transit Criminal Activity


This course will not let you receive credit for each lesson you completed if you are using the Google Chrome or Apple Safari web browser to take this training. Please switch to a different web browser like Microsoft Edge for the time being, in order to receive credit for each lesson and topic you complete. If you are still having problems getting credit, contact us here.

Course Content