As a new employee, you will need to read, acknowledge and fill out these new-hire documents. Please read and sign each of them before you may start working. Every new hire will need to fill out the following:

  • Employment Eligibility (I9) Form
  • Federal W4 Form
  • Minnesota State W4 Form
  • Continuing Education Credits Agreement
  • Cancel Shift; No-Call, No-Show Policy Agreement
  • All Temporaries Midwest Employee Handbook

CAUTION – Do not use Google Chrome or Apple Safari

This course will not let you receive credit for each lesson you completed if you are using the Google Chrome or Apple Safari web browser to take this training. Please switch to a different supported web browser for the time being. The supported web browsers are as follow:

  • Microsoft Edge (or Internet Explorer)
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox

If you are still having problems receiving credit, contact us here.

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