This course contains a year’s worth of refresher training related to providing special transportation services (STS), including topics you learned in our Defensive Driving, Passenger Assistance, Abuse Prevention and Standard First Aid courses. It also provides you the opportunity to sign up for required annual classroom training in defensive driving, passenger assistance, first aid and abuse prevention.

Concurrent Training 2020 contains over 3 annual hours worth of refresher training in accordance with Mn DOT Rules 8840.5910, Subpart 9. For more information on the topics covered in this course, please select read the description of each lesson under ‘COURSE CONTENT’.


This course will not let you receive credit for each lesson you completed if you are using the Google Chrome or Apple Safari web browser to take this training. Please switch to a different web browser like Microsoft Edge for the time being, in order to receive credit for each lesson and topic you complete. If you are still having problems getting credit, contact us here.


Please select a lesson under ‘COURSE CONTENT’ to begin your training. When taking the when taking the ‘REFRESHER CLASSROOM TRAINING’ lesson, you will need to sign up for an in-person classroom event and pay a fee;

Course Content